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Unity Games

Free Food

Casual, Action, Stealth

You're a starving college student. Tonight, there is a business convention giving out free food, but unfortunately, you're not a business major.

InteractiveVisual Novel

Life-in-a-day simulator of a college kid who's suffering from Dissociative Disorder

Your emotions are severed and your thoughts are out of control. Now you will play the instinct to make decisions and get through the day. 

Walking Simulator

Funny,  Surreal
You play the cockroach "Gug" to explore the house and unveil the story of its owner.

Board Games

Black Sheep:  Hollywood Nepotism

Become a Hollywood film investor and make big bucks through nepotism! Will you rule the world of fame?

Friends With Benefits (sellsheet)

Phaser Games (Javascript)

City Adventure

Eat all the gems without falling!!!

Play Rock Paper Scissors with the Computer! 

 - (with Phaser)

Temperature Converter:

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